Pilates classes

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit.” - Joseph Pilates

Firstpointe offers Pilates classes that are based on the BASI philosophy which remains true to art, to science and most importantly to the teachings and philosophies of Joseph Pilates himself.  firstpointe offers beginner - advanced Pilates classes for all ages. Each class will take you through the development of pivotal elements  needed for ulitmate wellbeing -  such as awareness, balance, control, breath, concentration, muscle focus and development and harmony. The results? A strong mind and body that exudes confidence.

Firstpointe offers weekly Pilates classes in the Johannesburg area to adults, beginner - intermediate as well as children's Pilates classes * (classes for children only implemented when there are 5 or more children)

Adult Pilates

Wanting to get lean and toned in a stress free environment? Pilates is a form of exercise that helps develop balance, core strength, correct posture and increased flexibility. The repeated movements and training regimes tone the whole body giving it stability, leaving you feeling strong from the inside out. Classes’ range from beginners to more advanced, all building on the basic principles of Pilates. See results and feel great!

Kiddies Pilates

Offering young ones the opportunity to engage not only their bodies but also their minds, helping them cope with the pressure of hectic weekly schedules. Kiddies Pilates focuses on posture and core strengthening as well as co-ordination and balance, making it the perfect foundation for all their other extra curricular activities.