Firstpointe Classes

Firstpointe Classes

Looking for a class that's just right either for yourself or your little one? We guarantee you'll find it here with us.

Ballet classes for tots, children, teens and adults

Firstpointe offers ballet classes for children from 3 years of age and up. Our ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabi's namely; Pre-Primary and Primary, Grades 1 - 8 as well as Vocational or major levels which include Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation and lastly, Advanced 1 & 2. Examinations through the RAD are completed annually.

Ballet classes for Adults

Firstpointe is largely unique in that we offer ballet classes for adults of all ages and dance ability backgrounds. We offer adult beginner ballet classes for those who either danced many years ago at a very young age, as well as for those who have never done ballet before and wish to learn.

Our adult classes also include RAD ballet syllabi training which include the grades and vocational syllabi levels. One can select either from our weekly group classes or request private training if preferred.

Pilates and ballet fitness classes for Adults

Firstpointe offers a weekly Pilates (mat) class and also runs ballet bootcamp or fitness classes on a regular basis. 

Looking for a way to introduce the magical world of ballet to your little one?

Come dance with us in our TutuTots class! Ballet training for ages 3-4 years encourages co-ordination and mobility, introduces musical and listening abilities. These classes help develop social skills and responsibility, while allowing creative, playful and…

Sound ballet training, technique and disciple is introduced with the core fundamentals of ballet beautifully set out in a fun, imaginative approach within the recently revised graded syllabus work, starting with Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance.  Here it is apparent that ballet provides children with a creative, challenging and rewarding…

Including Improver ballet classes.

Never done ballet before but always wanted to? Danced when you were much younger and want to start again? These classes are made for you. All the basics are covered and built on week-by-week, giving you enough of a taste that you’ll be wanting to join more classes in no time!

Whether you want to take part in the Royal Academy of Dance examinations or merely work your way through the different ballet syllabi’s for your own satisfaction and sense of achievement, these classes are perfect for you. Alternatively, our open classes are for those who just want to dance without the pressures of exam-focused work. Join us…

The RAD Graded syllabi classes run from Grade 1 to Grade 5 training ballet and character styles of dance.

After Grade 5, children will either continue with Grades 6-8 in a recreational capacity or should they wish to dance professionally or teach, they will enter the Vocational levels of Intermediate Foundation in which pointe work is…

The dance world has long since recognised the importance of making Pilates an integral part of dance training; yet even if you’re not a dancer, Pilates will do wonders for you physically and mentally.

Firstpointe offers Pilates classes that are based on the BASI philosophy which remains true to art, to science and most…